Massage Therapy
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        $60.00   60 minutes
     $100.00  90 minutes
     $40.00    30 minutes
Swedish(Western) massage is made up of 5 basic strokes that address both superficial AND DEEP tissues~NOT simply a series of gliding strokes---only ONE of the strokes of Swedish massage is gliding. 
Stretching and Range of Motion movements are also employed in modern western massage in varying degrees.
 A good massage should start out light and gliding to spread the oil or lotion, to allow the therapist to access the tissue and for the client to get comfortable with the therapist's touch. As the massage progresses, deeper tissues are addressed with petrissage(kneading), friction, and other strokes designed to affect the layers of muscles and fascia. 
All massages are relaxing! It feels good to be touched, and the goal of even therapeutic techniques is to relax the muscle tissues to relieve discomfort and pain. 
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